Legal Translation at APRIL Translation Agency

At APRIL Translation Agency we specialize in performing accurate legal translations:

  • To minimize our clients’ confusion and frustration 
  • To help our clients expedite their legal issue

Types of Legal Translation Services

Class Action Document Translations

When corporate law suits involve plaintiffs located all around the world such as plane crashes and the detail flow of funds from international banks, translations of class action lawsuit documents are required.

Immigration Document Translations

When corporations hire foreign nationals to work all around the world for their organizations, their legal documents and the backgrounds and experience of these employees’ must be translated.  These include visas, licenses, diplomas, transcripts and diplomas. APRIL Translation Agency has translated Immigration documentation for hundreds of firms.

Patent applications Translations

Patent applications are usually required to be in the language of the country where the patent is filed. In addition many Ukrainian companies need to understand patents that were originally written in a foreign language. This is why patents are often translated.

Legal Translation at April Translation Agency

Adoption Translation Services

The majority of all adoptions involve children located in foreign countries. This is why all the process and application documents need to be translated.

Contract Translations

All transactions involving companies doing business together around the world require some type of contracts.  In order for these contracts to be completely understood by each company, the translation of those contracts must be performed.

Other Legal Translation Services Include: Bankruptcy law,  Criminal law, Education law, Entertainment law, Marriage and family law, Labor law, Personal injury law, Legal Interpreting Services.

Legal Translation — How Much Will it Cost?

The cost of your legal translation project depends upon the following criteria:

  • Language combination
  • Number of source or target words
  • Length of the document 
  • Format of the document 
  • Time in which it needs to be completed

Ensuring Legal Translation Accuracy

Because legal language can be difficult to understand even in one’s own native language, APRIL Translation Agency generates concise and clear legal translations allowing you to be effective in your judicial pursuits, whether civil or criminal, in any global legal system.

To guarantee that your legal translation is accurate, we, at APRIL Translation Agency, will assign you a native speaking legal translator who has expert knowledge in the precise type of law you need. This ensures that all cultural and linguistic nuances, as well as elusive legal terms, are appropriately and accurately translated.

Confidentiality is our Guarantee

Along with ensuring translation accuracy, guaranteeing our clients’ confidentiality is among our utmost concerns. In fact, APRIL Translation Agency has a 13-year history of protecting client confidentiality. This stellar record gives both new and returning clients peace of mind that their most sensitive legal information will be protected throughout and after the translation process.

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